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What Price Your Rural Haven? (2015)

Yorkshire is blessed with a great wealth and variety of rural properties, be it in the Pennines, the Dales or on its picturesque coastline. Whilst finding the ideal property to buy may take many months of searching on the Internet and through estate agents, be warned, that is just the start! 

Christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat... (2014)

As the old rhyme goes, “… please put a penny in the old man’s hat?”.  Charity, they say, begins at home, and when it comes to property it could well be the children’s ‘hat’ that ends up receiving a great many of your hard earned pennies.

Flooding, Fracking, Phone Signals and Schools... (2014)

Severe weather is teaching us some salutary lessons about where we decide to build, live and work. Yorkshire has a wealth of rural properties and, if you are lucky enough to be able to choose, along with flood risk, what should you be aware of? 

Questions, Quality, Small Print and the Internet (2014)

Many of my clients tell me that buying a property today appears more complicated. It seems to generate more paperwork and head scratching compared to 10 years ago, so, why is this and what can we do about it?

Benefit or Bubble? (2013)

Looking back to spring 2009 and my article “Welcoming the Green Shoots in the Residential Property Market “, the housing market in York has kept up a steady recovery.  Due in large part to the active and buoyant ‘buy to let’ market and increase in the availability of good ‘buy to let’ mortgage products, can we say the same for the rest of the region and does the Government’s current home buyers’ initiative mean the threat of another unwelcome property price ‘bubble’?

Property Pays... how to make your capital work for you (2013)

The recent announcement that interest rates are likely to remain at their current low level for at least the next two years is good news for borrowers but not for those of us who rely on income from capital investments and savings to maintain our lifestyles.  So, how can we make our capital work better for us?

All is often not what it seems... (2013)

You have moved into your new home.  The cheque is cleared, the lawyers are paid, the removers have gone and you have collapsed, tired but delighted to be finally in and putting your feet up. But, hang on...

Asset Rich, Cash Poor? (2012)

While continued low interest rates have benefited those of us with mortgages, the same cannot be said for property owners relying on income from capital investments, many of whom have seen their income dwindle alarmingly.  Drawing on capital to bolster today’s increasing standards of living is, in reality, a short term answer and to avoid eating up capital entirely there are ways our properties can help.

Pony paddock, extended garden, room for a pool? (2012)

In these straightened times it is essential that you are getting the maximum benefit from any investment and with rural and greenfield land values bucking the trend of the general downturn  adding extra value to your property often comes in the form of acquiring additional land.   But, beware, do you have the right to do as you please or do others have the right to roam?

Buying at Auction - What Cost a Bargain? (2012)

Happily the property market is beginning slowly to recover and with the more clement weather, the market may see a further boost as investors review their portfolios and begin looking around for new investment opportunities.  Sadly, not everyone has weathered the financial storms intact over the last few years and many have suffered the hardship of being repossessed. To realise their funds Lenders need to sell these repossessed properties relatively quickly and obtain the best possible return for themselves and the repossessed owners.

Weathering the Storm (2011)

The effects of the recession were still very much with us during 2011 .  Based on the years prior to 2008, the number of properties on the market was significantly below average.  Similarly, the number of mortgages being offered, was again, well below the 75-80,000 offered three years ago.

Change of Direction for Buy to Lets (2011)

York: picturesque, historic and diverse is a small city with a big heart.  Toping a recent poll as the place in Britain most people would like to move to*, surrounded by stunning scenery and home to two universities, the district hospital, well performing schools, colleges and a sound local economy, York also boasts a wide range of housing stock to choose from.

Independent or Dependent? Who else are you paying to move house? (2011)

Buying a family home, a weekend bolt hole or property investment is an important undertaking, often not just practically and financially but also emotionally.  Much will rely on the advice of professionals, including mortgage advisers, surveyors and solicitors prior to any final decisions to go ahead.  This advice is crucial as a key professional can make the difference between a successful outcome and a disaster, but are you getting the best, most impartial advice?  Sometimes it’s not always clear.

Sitting Pretty by Christmas...... (2010)

Finding your ideal new home is not easy in the current climate. Many existing property owners are still reluctant to put their property on the market harbouring worries of having to accept a lower offer to secure a sale and be faced with the perceived difficulty of finding a new property themselves.  

The Kevin McCloud Effect (2010)

What do you do if your ideal house is not available in the location you want?  More and more of us are deciding to buy a plot of land and build our own dream homes.

Your Property Owning Year (2010)

The start of a fresh New Year often brings with it a need or desire for change, shall we book holiday or move house?

'Top of the Pops' for Property Investment (2010)

Over the years the historic City of York has been blessed with a wide variety of properties to suit its many diverse inhabitants.  From the fine Georgian town houses and Victorian terraces nestling against and within walking distance of its ancient walls, to its leafy suburbs of the pre and post war era.

A Season of Change (2010)

As we emerge from the cold, dark days of winter to welcome the lighter, warmer days of spring, property professionals are currently pondering on how changes in the political and financial climate will affect the residential property market.

How to have your cake and eat it... (2009)

Investing in an apartment, as opposed to a house, is a popular low maintenance choice for many buyers, either as a home or an income generating ‘buy to let’ property.   Without doubt, getting rid of the responsibility for management and maintenance of the main structure and common parts of buildings and grounds is attractive, especially if you don’t like gardening.

Changing Times (2009)

The recent change in Government heralds a new tax regime for both income and capital gains taxation. As this new tax regime is announced and implemented, it is important to understand and assess just how this will impact upon your financial position.

Ringing the changes (2009)

Over the past 30 years York’s diverse housing stock has grown both within and surrounding its ancient city walls.  Today, a vibrant and exciting city in which to live and work, there’s a wealth of residential properties from which to choose including Georgian townhouses, chic riverside residences, penthouses and all points in between.

Stress Busing Tips (2009)

Buying and selling a home is an exciting but stressful time for everyone.  From the moment an offer is accepted the deal is on and everyone’s expectations are raised…

The time is ripe for the new builds (2009)

Finding the ideal new home is not easy in the current climate. Many existing property owners are still reluctant to put their property on the market when they may have to accept a lower offer to secure a sale and be faced with the uncertainty of finding a new property themselves. There are however, a healthy number of new build properties available lying vacant, in the early stages of construction, or merely in the planning stage, with developers only too keen to negotiate a sale.

Have you found your rural haven? (2008)

Yorkshire is blessed with an abundance of great rural properties and, whilst finding the ideal property to buy may take many months of searching the Internet and discussions with estate agents; that is just the start! The very essence of what you are trying to achieve may be destroyed if you and your property lawyer do not together carry out further research - not only regarding the property you intend to buy but also its locality and how that may change in the future.

Hints and tips for successful house buying (2008)

Buying a property is a major commitment whether buying as an owner occupier or as an investor. It requires the buyer to invest significant time and money into the process. The key to securing a successful transaction is to carry out research and take advice at an early stage.

Buying a property, is now the right time? (2008)

This must be a question being asked by many households who are currently living in rented accommodation. Should they join the 68% of all households in England and become an owner occupier? The main reasons for remaining in rented accommodation seem to be the flexibility that it gives: being able to give notice to a Landlord at the end of the term, the financial benefits of not having to provide capital and the rent being less than mortgage payments.

Welcoming the green shoots in the residential property market (2008)

Spring is here! Historically, the time of the year when many people consider putting their homes on the market and moving to a new property; however, since the downturn in the property market the big question everyone is asking is: “Will it happen this year?”

Barbara Jacobs & Co - Client of the Month (2008)

There’s no doubt that a steady and experienced hand to guide you through the process of buying and selling residential property is of huge benefit in terms of time, cost and frayed nerves, especially in the current climate. Wouldn’t it be great to know who to call on? Someone who’s got the know-how and the ‘can do’ attitude to be on your side, no matter what? If that is something that appeals to you, April’s CGA Client of the Month, Barbara Jacobs of Barbara Jacobs & Co is the woman for you!

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