Maximising investment
and market growth

In February 2009 our clients were unhappy with the interest return on their capital invested in their bank. They spotted a “project”, an un-modernised terraced property near to the city’s university that had recently become vacant due to the death of the owner.

Cash buyers they secured the property at a low price on the basis they would exchange and complete the transaction within a month. Clearly our clients were keen to proceed quickly and with the assistance of the seller’s solicitors, the transaction was exchanged and completed within a speedy two weeks.

The refurbishments needed were completed by our clients in a further two weeks, so that within a month of negotiation tenants were installed. The rental return is in the order of 6%, a significant increase on the bank return, and with the opportunity of capital growth as the housing market improves our clients are delighted.

"We were very satisified with your service, especially as the time dragged on and threw up so many complications. I particlarly appreciated Alison's calm and ability to reassure during a difficult convenance."

B.L. Walton, York